The Hitting Rope

The Hitting Rope

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This past summer, Division 1 collegiate ballplayer, Jake Gehri, had a eureka moment. He often found himself being the first one to show and last to leave after a game. Which provided opportunities to get better ; but he was limited to only using the tee. Hitting off the tee got old after a while, and with a desire to create something that would improve his hand-eye coordination and barrel control while providing instant feedback, the The Hitting Rope was born. Ballplayers of all ages will love this tool because of its versatile nature. It can be hung from any overhead structure to simulate front toss and perform a variety of different drills. 


Created By: The Hitting Rope

Made In: Seattle, Washington

Materials: Standard Baseball | Adjustable Nylon Rope | Metal Carabiner

Weight: 13 Ounces

Delivery: Standard Shipping Rates

Dimensions: 12 Feet Long