The American Pastime Chain

The American Pastime Chain

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Regardless of any opinions or debates about the popularity of the game, Baseball is and will always be, America's Pastime. It has withstood the test of time, and evolved alongside the country as we've faced our ups and downs. There's still nothing more American than spending an afternoon at the ballpark with a hotdog and a bag of seeds watching baseballs fly out of the yard.

These pendants are made using polished stainless steel, and are as durable as the ballplayers who sport them. Whether you're wearing this necklace on or off the diamond, it serves as a good luck charm and a badge of honor.


Created By: Hall of Fame 

Materials: Stainless Steel Pendant | 26" Stainless Steel Chain 

Weight: 4 Ounces

Delivery: Standard Shipping Rates

Dimensions: 20mm Width | 38mm Height | 3mm Depth